Spirituality & Nonsense

When: Second Wednesday each month at 6pm.
Where: Salisbury Centre Edinburgh

We are a small open group (everyone welcome) discussing our own experiences of spiritual awakening and/or seeking meaning in life. Whilst deeply spiritual in terms of the content we discuss, this is a non-religious group. We understand the beliefs of anyone are accepted and not judged. Everyone is welcome, if you’d like to come along, get in touch here.

We discuss our feelings and our own understandings of our spiritual path with freedom.
To enable this beautiful freedom we abide by some group agreements:
– Non-judgemental; we accept that everyone’s understanding is different and valuable.
– Confidential; we agree that outside the group, we will not disclose what others have said or who attended.
– Endeavour to be Present: being “present” and coming back to presence often is critical to the value of the discussion. This agreement is aspirational and it is understood that “being present” may feel different for different people or at different times. But we all agree to embark on this endeavour.

Our room is kindly provided by the Salisbury Centre as part of a community offering. This means there is no charge and no ticket required. However, donations to the Salisbury Centre are welcomed and encouraged. A recommended donation per person is £5. When you donate, please use the code “Nonsense” … then they can track which group the donation came from.

Love and Nonsense.

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Other sessions:

We run 4 day self enquiry retreats Enlightenment Intensive Scotland

One-to-one sessions (including counselling for spiritual awakening)

We run other self-development events at The Urban Yurt in Edinburgh

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