A Day of Self Enquiry 24 August 2024

Find meaning at the root of yourself. A day of deep Self-Enquiry using Dyad techniques from Enlightenment Intensives.

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No phones, no watches, no social chat… escape from the myriad choices your character is forced to make every day. – Instead, allow yourself to be held by Damian and Rachel as you to put your social masks down.

Combining the Zen kaon “Who am I?” with modern western communication techniques, this Self-Enquiry Dyad method is suitable for anyone with a genuine desire for self-discovery.

We guide you gently as you focus on your intention – “to directly experience the truth of who you are”. This process aligns with any tradition, religion or philosophy. The process itself can be deeply revealing and healing on a psychological – emotional level, often leading to moments of spiritual insight. But it’s real purpose is to facilitate a direct experience of your own truth. An awakening.

This is a rare and relevant opportunity if you’re working on self-development, self compassion, or you feel a call to be on your spiritual path.

Arrive 10.15 am; Our day will start with meeting  your fellow seekers to relax share and find a sense of safety.  We’ll then explain the technique which involves working in pairs.

Throughout the day; 
No phones,
no watches,
no social chat,
Our aim is to put down the myriad choices your character is forced to make every day. allowing you to focus on the instruction “tell me who you are”.

Lunch: Bring your own, there will be a break to have lunch in quiet contemplation. Tea, and fruit will be provided.

Finish 5pm: We will finish with some integration exercises, an opportunity to feedback, and some optional social time.

Before each session there is a guidance talk to help you sink deeper into your enquiry. Over the day the mud and stones of your thoughts will settle and you will find yourself in the clearer water of who you really are.  This dyad technique was developed by Charles Berner over many retreats into a three day process called The Enlightenment Intensive.  If you find this Self Enquiry Day useful then there will be an invitation to join a 3-day Seeking Yourself Enlightenment Intensive to be held in Scotland in October

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